Beauty is “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind of spirit” and Art is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). With this, beauty and art are a subjective matter. There are no general rules for them. One’s personal feelings of beauty and art depend on many factors, such as what one

already learned, saw, experienced. People quantify beauty!! However, if quantification is necessary, it should be through a personal scale. For me, beauty and art are what give me good vibrations, energise me, excite me, move me, make me wanting to go further. Beauty and art are when nature is what it is but is, humanly and wisely transformed.

According to my personal experiences, I wanted to create beautiful pieces of art, which convey emotions/personal experiences/messages. Thus, being an artist is a drive from the inner feelings/observations from what I find beautiful, from which, almost hurting, moves me. I wanted to create paintings that I am proud of and you would love them. Through my skills and creative imagination, I wanted to be original. I wanted to find my way of saying things I wanted to talk about. I wanted to make unique pieces of art. I wanted to share with you a moment, a time, ideas, feelings. I wanted to move your mind. For that, I paint about my daily life, my life experiences, in colours, with movements and with different materials. In this goal, I started my personal artistic experiments.

My paintings are experiments. They start with a feeling, an idea, something I want to say. Compared with a scientific experiment, my artistic experiment is freedom and its message and its emotional results are the most important objective. My artistic experiment can be divided into two parts:

The technical part
 To reach what I want to say, I work a sketch, a composition. Once this “finished”, I think about what I want to be fused together on a support. Afterwards, I “decide” the size, the materials, the colours/feelings and start executing based on these “preliminary decisions”.

The emotional part
During the execution, things are re-checked, re-examined, re-done, re-balanced, and so on. I have seen that initial ideas/feelings do not always give a beautiful match on a support. They need to be re-refined, re-defined, re-fine-tuned, harmonised, fused together, make a unit. This cannot be predicted in advance. It has to be tried, seen and felt. I have to experiment and draw my own conclusions. Afterwards, new decisions are taken and executed.

My studio is a place where ideas, materials, movements, colours, feelings, wishes, other people’s ideas, frustration, wishes, … come together. However, as a scientific experiment, my paintings are a result of a methodological and free building up process. Through my artistic experiment, I learned that there are very few basic rules, which may not be neglected. I respect those ones to create everlasting pieces of art. The rest of the creation is pure freedom of my imagination/the feelings. It is “power to the meek”; is pushing Cezanne forward; is making Dadaism beautiful; is making Van Gogh peaceful; is day dreaming through the surrealism; is making Picasso feminine; is a softer kitsch than Pierre & Giles; is an expression form as the Maya’s primary art*; is an intellectual art; is nature on canvas without place for religious dogmas. In this goal, I tried to be a collagist but in the way, I became a fusionist. On my paintings, there is no confusion. Everything is in its place, where it ought to be. I am not a confusionist**. I am not bringing over confusion, only my point of view. I make sense.



* Not primitive art but Primary art, as in: the first, the beginning, the before all, pure feelings, pure freedom.
** From confusion. Somebody who deals, distributes confusion; somebody who is confusing, who does not make sense.
































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